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Suite 9, Second floor, Saturn Facilities, Spring Rd, Wolvehampton, Westmidlands, WV4 6JX                                                                                                                            


(01902) 496823


Whilst promoting independence wherever possible Vicarage Homecare ensures dignity is maintained at all times.

• General care and supervision

• Bathing or showering

• Oral hygiene care

• Incontinence care/bathroom assistance

• Dressing assistance

• Walking and transferring/wheelchair/walker/cane assistance

• Medication reminders

• Eating and feeding assistance

• Assist with emergency monitoring systems


If assistance is needed with meal preparation – carers will offer choices, to ensure your dietary and nutritional needs are fully met.

• Meal and menu planning

• Grocery shopping

• Preparing, cooking and serving meals

• Special dietary restrictions

• Assistance with eating

• Washing and putting away

All our staff are fully trained in food hygiene.


Our carers can provide vital assistance in:

• Taking your medication

• Ordering of prescriptions

• Liasing with chemists with ordering of medication

• Collecting prescriptions

• Liasing with doctors/district nurses and other medical professionals

• Monitoring of medications

All our staff provide medication prompts.


Our carers work alongside other professionals to continue your rehabilitation program once you are home – we take advice and direction from other professionals eg – phsyiotherapists and occupational therapists to ensure we can continue following your rehabilitation program and to hopefully reach your planned outcomes and goals.

• Sitting service

• Companionship and conversations

• Accompany to day care programs

• Games, craft, or activity/reading assistance

• Mail sorting and organization